What is Binjpipe?

We're your one-stop, number one source for the most bingeable things in your life. From the shows that you watch to the people you love. The best way to understand Binjpipe is to try it!


Where does Binjpipe get its shows?

All sorts of places! Some of our programming is created "in-house" by Binjpipe. Some of it we "acquire" from your favorite content creators. Some of it comes from real people like you!* At Binjpipe, nothing is off-limits.


What kind of internet connection do I need?

Binjpipe is compatible with all popular internet providers, fiber optic solutions, and legacy telecommunication infrastructure. We're even available on the International Space Station!


What does Binjpipe cost?

One of the best things about Binjpipe is that we're constantly changing. That means adding great new content to your service, and adding new commercials to the content you already love. As part of these updates, pricing for Binjpipe may occasionally change, but we'll always let you know about these changes well in advance.**


I received a cream colored envelope with a Binjpipe logo, but nothing was inside. What is this?

Please contact consumer support immediately.