We Owe You an Apology


We at Binjpipe sincerely regret that we are not prepared to lie to you or trick you this April Fools season.

We hired an experienced April Fools content agency that assured us they were building something with wide reach that would confuse and delight to the appropriately inoffensive degree, while strengthening the Binjpipe message.  Unfortunately, since March 27th, we have been unable to get in contact with them. It's time to face the fact that we have been taken advantage of, but not in a good way that we could pass on to you, the obtainable customer.

We promise to have something that makes us feel playful and “with it” next year. Unless we are advised that that’s no longer impactful. Our market research indicated that Fooling for brands had at least one more year as culturally mandatory before being predominantly perceived as desperate or antiquated (3 year margin of error.)

Binjpipe plans to fully prosecute the consulting agency that did this to us.