You Don't Know Jack is Joining the Binjpipe Family


Today, we're proud to announce the latest addition to our Binjpipe Original Acquisition line of content: You Don't Know Jack. Fingers crossed that it can be OUR Fuller House!

All of us have been huge fans of You Don't Know Jack ever since market research indicated it was ripe for a resurgence in consumer interest. We knew it would be perfect for Binjpipe, but as is often the case, we had to work hard to convince the IP holder we were a good fit. Here's an excerpt from an interview we did with Jackbox CEO Mike Bilder:

BINJPIPE: Mike, how did you decide to bring You Don't Know Jack to the Binjpipe platform?
MIKE BILDER: Well, honestly, when you guys approached us, I wasn't totally sure what Binjpipe was. I'm still not, actually. You Don't Know Jack is one of our biggest games, so I definitely wanted to make sure the partnership made sense before making any kind of decision.
BP: And what convinced you?
MB: I really don't remember. Did we ever officially sign anything? This is starting to seem... Wait, where am I? I want to go home!
BP: That's all for now, Mike.
MB: I want to see my family!
BP: Put him back in the hole.

The full interview will be available as bonus content when the game comes out, pending attorney review.

For more information on this exciting new edition of You Don't Know Jack, check out the announcement from Binjpipe partner Jackbox Games.